Week Two

8 lined upThis Photo was NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!!

For some reason when I laid the tired pups into their incubator box, they lay perfectly still for a few seconds.

So I took their picture.

On February 13, 2016 these 8 puppies entered the world with a combined weight of 9.51 lbs.  Today, February 27, 2016 these same 8 puppies have a combined weight of 35.72 lbs.  All of the pups have at least tripled their birthweight in 2 weeks.  The smallest pup had a birthweight of 12.7 ounces and now weighs more than 60 ounces.  She weighs 5 times what she did two weeks ago.  The largest puppy at birth weighed 22.56 ounces and now weighs a little more than 72 ounces.  He is about 3.5 times heavier than he was at birth.  We have found that birthweight has no real bearing on final size.  Sometimes the “runt” of the litter is the largest adult.  In 22 weeks (at 6 months old) some of the boys will weigh 100 lbs. and the girls 80-ish.

They are definitely getting BIGGER!

8 in box


Aubry eats approximately 15 cups of puppy food a day.  She also eats two 22 oz. cans of dog food, she has two containers of yogurt and at least 3 popsicles.  Aubry also drinks more than 2 gallons of water per day.  The puppy book says that for every 4 ounces of puppy weight, the mom needs to make 1 ounce of milk.  This litter currently weighs 557.7 ounces, which means Aubry must make 139.4 ounces of milk.  That’s more than 1 gallon.  This week we have started to supplement the puppy’s diet.

supplemental feeding

We have begun to teach the little guys how to “lap”—–with mixed results.  We have given them strawberry / banana yogurt, baby rice cereal, and of course formula.

bottle feeding and burmpingJust like with human babies, the little pups are not keen on taking a bottle.  We have an assortment of bottles and nipples, and we keep trying until we find one that they sort of like.  The pups suck hard on the bottle and push with their paws.  When nursing on Aubry they literally massage her to get more milk to flow.  After they take an ounce or two, we have to burp them.  Yes, I said we have to burp the puppies!!

aubry food

Aubry has hormones coursing through her that tell her to be with the puppies.  She also get’s beat up by the little guys.   They are rough and they are in competition with each other, so they really go after their mom.  We “bribe” Aubry with food to make sure she hangs in as long as she can.  This week the pups became interested in her food.  They still have no eyes or ears, but their nose leads them right to their moms food.

Aubry in kitchenOn day 11, Aubry went outside to potty and then get a big drink.   When she was done she lay in the kitchen, just like she did before she had puppies.  That is huge news.  Aubry was telling us it was OK to leave the pups alone for short periods of time.  This is the beginning of the puppies’ gaining independence.  So far we have been “camping” in the office.  We can now see on the horizon a day when we can leave the pups alone long enough to sleep in our own bed!

aubry at a distance

Pop Quiz

love momRandom Pictures of Cuteness!!

random cute2w

Bonus Cute Pictures!!

random cute2wb

Next week these guys will have eyes.  It’s kind of freaky, the first time you notice them looking back at you. Hopefully a few guys will be over 6 pounds (at 3 weeks).


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