Week Three

bright eyes What a week this has been.  In the past week the puppies have opened their eyes and see shapes and light, they can hear, they got de-wormed, they moved, they gained an average of 2.25 pounds, they started eating baby rice cereal, and they went to JAIL.

jailThings have been happening fast for this gang of 8.

Just last week they did nothing except eat and sleep.

something different Puppies by the Numbers:

When the week began the average pup was just over 4 pounds, now the average is more than 6 pounds.  In 21 days the average puppy has gone from around 20 oz. to more than 100 oz.  That is phenomenal growth.  The puppies nurse about 8 times a day.  We give them 2 meals of baby rice cereal and this week we will add a meal of soggy smashed up dog food.  Aubry eats about 15 cups of food a day, plus (4) 22 oz. cans of moist dog food, 6 cups of yogurt, about 3 gallons of water and at least 2 popsicles.  That’s right popsicles (pictures at the bottom of the page).  The Irish Wolfhound book says that the puppies need 1 oz. of milk for every 4 oz. of body weight.  As a group they weigh over 800 oz.  That means Aubry must supply more than 200 oz. of milk.  That’s more than a gallon and a half of mother’s milk per day.  The pups are gaining weight very rapidly so she must be keeping up.

Here is what the puppies daily weigh-ins look like on a Graphgraph3

Here is what the puppies growth looks like in 1 picture



change sheets

New things


rice cereal


cute pictures

cuter pictures

In about a year these 8 puppies will look like their sister Maggie.Maggie

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innisfreeWeek Three

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