week five


You may wonder how effective nursing is!

The puppies have many sources of nourishment these days, yet they still enjoy nursing.  8 puppies with a combined weight over 100 pounds attack their mother and fight over a few ounces of milk.  Aubry is making substantially less milk than she did two weeks ago.  She is eating 12 cups of food a day, down from 16 at her peak.  She also has 2 large 22 oz. cans of dog food and 3 cups of yogurt (strawberry banana) and a few popsicles.  The puppies eat dry kibble, soaked kibble, Mary’s secret puppy formula, yogurt, baby rice cereal, and anything that Aubry drops!

The puppies are just different this week.  They are slightly more aware of things happening outside the pen and you can see them “thinking” problems through.  It’s hard to explain.  They are just a lot more aware of their surroundings.

Nursing, and eating in general, are very competitive sports to these puppies.

 Warning:  Science Content!smelling

These puppies are smarter than they look.  They have developed an ability, (along with most carnivores and omnivores), a way to find good food.  The pups have a way of blowing out a small amount of air from their mouth, while breathing in through their noses (huffing).  This allows them to gather a good amount of scent.  Very noticeably the pups will use this “huffing” procedure near their moms mouth.  They get very close and smell what she is eating.  Then they remember that scent and catalogue it as something edible.  The smart pups then search for that smell on the ground and know it is safe to eat.  When we want to distract the puppies we can blow gently in their face.  The pups will stop and smell and sometimes lick the air trying to figure out what we ate, so they can add it too their data base.



And foreign to these puppies!

It took a while, but early this week we were able to convince the puppies that water was good.  Now they drink just like big dogs.


baby scale syrus

I know, it’s about time.

This is a picture of the “big handsome” that is the father of this litter.



Too Cute to leave off this page


Bonus Cute Photos!!! 2cute5

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