Week 9

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Almost 50 years ago, before I had even seen an Irish Wolfhound, my dad told me this joke.

Mr. Snail was getting ready for work one day, and of course he was running late.  He left his house in a hurry and started across the street.  Then suddenly BAM he gets run-over by a turtle.  He lay in the street for awhile and soon the snail first responders showed up.  As the snail paramedics were loading him into the snail ambulance, a snail policeman came up to him and pulled out his pad and pencil and asked “What happened??”  Mr. Snail looked up and said “I don’t know, it all happened so fast!”       I didn’t understand that joke back then.

VET-9 The day before our Vet appointment, we had to modify our Minivan.  We folded all of the seats into the floor and then covered that area with our girls dog pads.  Then we put down a layer of plastic and then sheets and blankets.  The babies were great.  We did not have one potty in the van.  It was however a fairly memorable trip.

Loading the van

van ride

at vet waiitingfriendly9physical-9All of the puppies were given a clean bill of health.  They ranged in weight from 22.5 pounds to 28 pounds which is pretty good for 8 weeks old.  The puppies were calm and cute and stoic.  None of them flinched when they were given their first puppy shot.  They really were documented to be ALERT, BRIGHT & FRIENDLY


cute pix9cute from owner9

time to go-9a

Nine weeks ago, these 8 puppies entered our world.  Mary and I have slept with them, eaten with them and played with them.  You could even say we have done nothing except care for them.

It was a lot of hard work.

And it all happened so fast.


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