Week 8


This page has been very hard to write.  Up until now the puppies have been accomplishing a long list of “firsts”.  This week alone we had their first time out in the grass and their first bath (watch the movie at the end–hilarious).  Tomorrow we will have the puppies first car ride and their first puppy shot, then the first puppy to go to their forever home.  Tonight is the last night these 8 will be together.  They aren’t aware of the historic nature of their bedtime tonight, but we are.  The pups will be fine, Mary and I will be sad.  We realize that we do not have enough love to give the 8 of them.  They all deserve 100% of our attention.  It is the right time for them to go to their forever home.


We Miss Them Already.


protect yourself8


puppy fence

bath day

too cute 8

Every time we have a litter of puppies we take a “formal” picture of them right after their first bath.  The puppies are usually nervous, because they have never gone out the front door before.  They look scared, they try to hide, they are wearing a giant bow.  In real life they are much cuter than we captured in these pictures.

Prom pix


innisfreeWeek 8