Week 7

in your face 7

The puppies are definitely “in your face”.  They are big and strong and opinionated.  They are maturing nicely and are rounding into shape right on schedule.  They play great with each other.  Last week they would mock attack each other until they got mad.  This week they are more mouthy and loud, but they very rarely hurt each other.  They put their mouth on each other and “fake” bite their brother.  They run, and chase and roll around all day.  They are really acting like big dogs.  It’s hard to grasp that they will be going to their forever home in just a few weeks.


Last Tuesday evening at 10 p.m. the puppies were done nursing.  They have been eating enough to get by without nursing for a while.  Aubry has been a great MOM, and she wanted to nurse.  It was hard for us to watch her go through the ordeal.  These puppies out weigh their mother as a group.  They are aggressive, they are pushy, and they have a mouth full of teeth.  Finally Aubry accepted the fact, that she is no longer their sole source of nourishment.

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