Week 6

perfectpThe puppies really like words that begin with the letter “P”.  When we call them to dinner we give a loud high pitched pup-pup-pup and they come running.  We refer to them as Princes, and Princesses.  We call them pumpkin pie and puddin’ pop.  The big dogs like the “P” sound too.  Maggle will answer to Paggle and Ginger will respond to Pinger.  They all like Princess.  Right now all of the pups are Precious, and that cannot be denied.  They are loving and sweet and just fun to be around.

We have had 6 sets of visitors in the last week.  Ranging in size from 3 to 5 these small groups have shown up to help us socialize these little Precious Princes and Princesses.  The pups still nurse (to make Aubry happy), they eat like starving little Irish Wolverines, they have been loose in the kitchen and they go outside.  We have difficulty weighing them so we only do it every few days.  They all weigh more than 15 pounds each and some are closing in on 20.  Like I said, they are good eaters.  Here is the week that was—IN COLOR PICTURES


Aubry kitchen

still nursing

Pop Quiz

st. pats day


new food bowl

Help: I need a Caption!needs a caption

Some friends came over to visit and play with the puppies.  I sat in the pen with them and Mary took this picture.  I think it is hilarious and wanted to put some kind of naughty caption with it.  Mary wanted to say it looked like he was trying on a Living Coon Skin Cap!  If you can think of a better caption, please send it to us.

new pen


vitamin d



too cute 6


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