week 1


a little crowded

Well, the first week is behind us.  The little guys have all gained more than a pound.  2 have already doubled their birth weight and the rest of them will pass that milestone in a day or two.  The weight gain is amazing.  It would be like me getting on a cruise ship weighing 230 lbs. and getting off 6 days later weighing 460 lbs.

Come to think of it, that COULD happen.

Here are some pictures to show the amazing 1 week growth.

8 in box

nursing compThe puppies days consist of eat, drink, poop, pee repeat.  They still do not have eyes, maybe by next week, but I think they can hear a little.  At least they make a lot more noise.  They fuss at each other and squawk a lot.  The puppies seem to be communicating with each other through sound–some times.  Most of the time the little guys nurse until they get big round bellies.  Then they stagger away and fall over asleep.  They usually sleep in pairs or small piles.  Then they wake up and find their way to mom and start over.

dewclawsThe big event this week was dewclaw removal.  Our good friend  came over and did the minor surgery.  We took Aubry out of the building during the procedure.  As soon as she got back she ran to check on the babies.  The last photo shows a babies foot (minus dewclaws) next to her mom’s.  The size difference is amazing.  The baby’s whole foot is smaller than one of Aubry’s toes.  Also the puppy has pink pads on her foot.  If you look close you can see they are just starting to turn from pink to black.

nursing stuffThe puppies spend most of their time eating.  You can see in the first picture that they have all decided to take their siesta at the same time.  The middle photo shows the cardboard wall we put up to keep the puppies contained.  The last photo shows the flaw in our system.

yogurtWe have begun giving the puppies a “fingerfull” of yogurt several times a day.  The yogurt should help the puppies’ digestive tract.  As a bonus– they like it!

Here are some pictures of random


random cuteness

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