Setting up for puppies!

It was obvious puppies were on the way!getting puppy penThe first thing we do is get the puppy pen panels out of the attic.  They are two feet tall and quite large.  Some are 8 feet long.maggie inspectThe last time we used the pen, Maggie was inside it.  You can see she could obviously smell her littermates on it.  She was very interested in all of the smells.

cleaning painting per

After the panels were scrubbed we painted each one with a nice coat of white enamel, so we can clean it easier while it is in use.  If you notice in the 3rd picture Aubrey is helping us paint.


On the inside of the house we had to gather supplies.  These are just a few of them, I just didn’t take pictures of the rest.making bedHere Mary is making up the whelping bed.  We have 5 layers of carpet pad, covered with a waterproof liner and several layers of sheets and blankets.  In the second picture you can see the incubator box, with heating pad inside and heat lamp above.  Also you can see the mountain of clean sheets and towels on the right side.

aubrey in bed

The week before the puppies were born Aubry spent a lot of time resting in the bed.  Sometimes we were in it.

aubry and davin

4 days before giving birth, Aubry had some Ambassador work to do.  First it was a nice photo op, then a short “doggy back” ride.

getting ready to go

As the time got closer, we spent a lot of time looking for signs of labor.

Right after the 3rd picture was taken, it was obvious we would need a C-section.


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innisfreeSetting up for puppies!

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