Puppy tour 2016


We have always thought of visiting our puppies

after they go to their forever home.

This year we decided to do it.  We feel a little guilty for inviting ourselves into our new owners home’s, but everyone has been extremely gracious.  We have felt very welcome and it is wonderful to see how happy our babies have made our friends.  We believe in the term “dog family”.

We started our Puppy Tour with Dani who lives close by and shares her home with another of our puppies from our last litter named Maggie.  It was extremely gratifying to visit with 2 beautiful girls.  As you can see from the pictures below the Tour got off to a GREAT start!

Dani visit1

Our next stop was with Mr. Lightblueribbon.  He lives close by and we hope we get to see him frequently.  Logan is very well adapted to his new home, with his new dog-sister Chloe and at least 4 cats.  Logan has never met a stranger and is in puppy class right now.

Logan visit

Quigly lives more than 3 hours away. Believe me when I say the drive was worth it.  He is sweet and beautiful and very personable.  He has a new female friend named Brandi who is 3 weeks younger than him, but looks to be about 1/2 his size.  Both pups live with 2 adult female dogs who try to keep them in line.  Good Luck!

Quigly visit

Mary and I have wondered who would step up and breed good puppies after we retired from the puppy business.  We were a little surprised and very happy when one of the girls we bred a few years ago became a mom.  We didn’t even know she was expecting.  It was a bit of a surprise, but it was also


The mom, Rilee, was born in our kitchen and is very sweet and friendly and secure.  She didn’t mind us being around her pups and was unbelievable calm throughout our visit.  The dad, Finn, is a very large wheaten boy.  He is over 200 pounds and very gentle.  The pups have a lot of his coloring.  The little guys are sooooo cute!


Surprise puppies

Seamus and Cara Mia left our house at the same time, and are sort of neighbors.  They both live near San Antonio, and have had a play date with each other.  Logan visit’s Cara’s house, so she has the home-field advantage.  Fortunately Seamus is not intimidated by his little sister.  The two got along great and they even wrestled like siblings do.

cara seamus page

Logan lives fairly close to us, and we visited with him a few weeks ago.  Last week he came to visit us and our 3 adult girls; his mom, his half sister and his Aunt. They were much bigger than him and he did the right thing and was submissive.  He did recognize his mom, but I don’t think he remembered our home.  He also fell into the swimming pool.  I didn’t get any picture of that, since I had to jump in and guide him to the stairs.  It was wonderful having a puppy come to visit.

logan page

Darby was the little girl with the pink ribbon.  Actually she was the big girl with the pink ribbon.  Darby was always the heaviest pup, she was very even tempered and very outgoing.  The day we went to visit her it was very obvious she remembered us.  She was so excited, she jumped and squealed and “mouthed” us.  She tried to lead us around.  She wanted to show us her new home.  It was so sweet.  Kevin and Coleen were very gracious hosts and we had a wonderful visit.  We stayed twice as long as we had planned, but we felt very welcome and it was hard to leave good friends and sweet puppies.  Darby has 3 adult wolfies to play with, a brand new home to live in, and almost 2 acres to chase squirrels. 

She has a great life, and she knows it.

(I just wish she would have stood still so we could have gotten better photos!)

Darby visit darby visit2

Logan came to stay with us while his mom and dad were visiting family back in Scotland.  We have never had a puppy stay with us before, and I have to admit it was AWESOME!  We will gladly do it again.  It was gratifying to see how nice Logan has turned out.  We let the puppies go at such a young age, it was really a lot of fun to see him as a young adult.


Our final stop on Puppy Tour 2016 was to a suburb of Dallas.  We wanted to wait until the temperature was below 120.  Mr. Yellowribbon is now named Boots and lives with Ken, Hayley, Deacon and Gracie.  Gracie was born in my office 5 years ago.  She is Gingers “twin” sister.  There were only two pups in that litter, and they were more trouble than our litter of 11!  Those two girls got into more trouble and caused more of a ruckus than any other litter we ever had.  Gracie is much loved by her entire family, but especially “her boy”, Deacon.  The two are best buds.  We are very happy with the lives these two dogs have.


Below is the first picture of Aubry with her 8 puppies.  Only 6 are visible the other two are probably under her back leg, that’s where the biggest nipples were.  This photo was taken about 2 hours after Aubry’s C-section.  She is laying on the floor just outside the operating room.  Her eyes are rolled back in her head and she was very lethargic and unresponsive.  Aubry lay on the floor in that catatonic state for about 10 hours.  Mary and I had been up all night with a visit to the emergency vet and then to our own veterinarian.  When this picture was taken we had been up for 33 straight hours and had another sleepless night in front of us.  We were able to get Aubry up about 9 pm and take her home, where we sat up all night with her and the new pups.  You can see our incubator box with the heating pad in it.  We would put the pups on Aubry to nurse and when they fell asleep we would put them in the incubator till they woke up.   Aubry was so cold she constantly shivered, we tried our best to keep her warm.  It was heart breaking to see our baby girl in such a state.



After all we went through to get these puppies we were very particular in who we let have them. 

We are extremely happy with all of our new owners,

and we appreciate the love and care you give to the little guys.

God Bless each and everyone of you.

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