Puppies-Day ONE

We’re Heeeere!

color coded Color Coded for better inventory Control, 4 boys and 4 girls arrived via C-section

Feb. 13, 2015

ideal nursingThis is ideal nursing (it rarely happens so we took a picture)

This is a perfect nursing picture.  The linens are clean, Aubry is calm and relaxed, and the babies are all lined up.

cute climbers

I don’t know what they are looking for or where they think they are going.  These guys like to climb and explore.  The veterinarians think these puppies are huge, they weigh a little bit more than one pound.  Aubry is a big girl at 155 lbs.  The boy in the red ribbon should be at least 175 lbs. when grown.

escape artists

It is hard to understand.  These guys have no place to go and yet they are always trying to “sneak out the back” and escape.  Can you see the boy in the red ribbon hiding by Aubry’s tail??

Warning: Science Content

science contentPuppies enter the world “half baked”.  Their eyes and ears are sealed and their nervous system is not completed.  They have a strong sense of smell and can find their mom and food, and that’s about it.  Aubry spends a lot of time licking the pups.  Sometimes she is cleaning them and stimulating nerve endings.  Most of the time she licks their bellies which stimulates them to urinate and defecate.  If she didn’t, they wouldn’t go.

It’s Gross, but licking bellies is a very important “mom job”.

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