Puppies Are Here

Whelped 1/27/18

These are the parents, Brigitte & Georgie Boy.  They are both imported dogs from Germany.


Mom is definitely full of puppies, while dad enjoys a quick jog around the yard.

12 Puppies, 8 girls and 4 boys!!!


12 puppies is a large litter.  So far Brigitte is doing a great job providing milk.  All of these pups weighed over 1 pound at birth and they will double that weight within a week to 10 days.  The rule of thumb is that for every 4 ounces of puppies, the mom must make 1 ounce of milk per day.  If the puppies have a combined weight of 15 pounds right now, Brigitte must make 60 ounces of milk per day.  In a week the pups will weigh a combined 30 pounds and Brigitte will need to make 120 ounces of milk (almost a gallon per day).

It is no wonder that the puppies look fat and happy, and Brigitte looks worn out and literally drained.

This is where the phrase “Dog-Tired) comes from!!


Puppies are now 8 days old….so let’s see more pictures!

The pups look similar to their “birth day” pictures, but they have changed a lot in their first week.  They have almost doubled in size, they are much stronger, and they make kind of a “chirping” noise almost constantly.  The little guys get around pretty good for not having any eyes or ears!

It’s hard to take Individual pictures of these guys.   They are so dark it’s hard to see if they are

centered in the photo, they never hold still, and they are heavier than they look.

Some of the pups will have cute white toes.  In the background you can see that the pups “Uncle”

Syrus is very interested.  He doesn’t want anyone to get any special treatment unless it’s him.


The pups are photographed in groups of 6 a lot.  Brigitte is doing well feeding the pups, but she

doesn’t have enough room for 12 pups at a time.  So the pups usually eat in shifts.  6 eat until they

are so full that they have to wander off and sleep.  Then they are swapped with the other six, who

eat until they are so full they have to wander off to sleep.  The pups have the same behavior that I

have when I’m on a cruise!


If you are interested in this litter or perhaps the next litter, please email us and let us know.

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