June 26, 2005

 Lady Katherine of Dunsinane X Aidon von der Saalmuhle

June 26, 2006

The mother of this litter, Katy, was a game changer for us.  She was the first dog we ever let on the couch.  Actually, “let” is putting it mildly.  Katy was very athletic and would run at full speed from the front of the house to the back.  She would slide around corners and smile.  Running made her so happy.  One day after her run into the Master Bedroom, she looked out at me sitting on the couch.  She was “lining me up” for an attack, and then BAM.  She ran at me full speed leaped and crashed headlong onto my lap, spilling out onto the couch, and she was ecstatic.  From that moment on we knew we had to pass along Katy’s genes, and we knew dogs would be allowed on the couch!


All of these pups were wheaton. They looked so similar that we would put a piece of masking tape on their heads after we fed them, so they couldn’t get back inline.


My sister and my nieces held 9 Irish Wolfhounds in their lap!


We tried to take a “team” picture.

Can you see the fear on our faces? And how many pups are acting like they are being tortured?

KIF_1577 KIF_1584 (2) KIF_1588

KIF_1600 (2) KIF_1610 (2) KIF_1614 (2)

KIF_1618 (2) KIF_1624 KIF_1628

We got them dressed up, took their picture and sent them to their forever home.

Mary always cries when they leave.


innisfreeJune 26, 2005