December 27 2007

Lady Katherine of Dunsinane


O’Brandon’s Life of Riley

December 27, 2007

10 puppies started making their way into the world just as we were sitting down to dinner.  Our daughter’s boyfriend immediately started to gag and had to leave the house.  7 puppies came throughout the night and 3 more were delivered at the vet’s office early the next morning.

Don’t tell the dogs we have now, but these two parents were probably our favorite two of all time.  Katy was swift and sweet and smart.  Riley (aka Boo-Boo)  was big and powerful (38″ at the shoulder and 225 lbs.) and so sweet.  Riley could predict when my wife was about to get a migraine and have her lay down.  Of course he would lay in bed with her for as long as it took.  Riley had a Grandpa name Ch. Killian’s Emmet Kelley,  that is like saying Babe Ruth was your grandpa.  Needless to say this litter was special, it had a double dose of sweetness!katy preg

This is what 10 puppies looks like–the day before.  Katy looks miserable!

10 pups

katy tired

innisfreeDecember 27 2007