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  Innisfree’s Ginger Snap

ginger1 ginger2

Born on September 29, 2011, in our home office, Ginger and her sister Gracie comprised our litter forever known as the twins.  Ginger is graceful, agile, extremely fast, athletic and more than a little stubborn.  That’s what you get with a natural redhead!

Innisfree’s Aubrey Doodle Dandy

doodle bug pupdoodle bug1

Aubrey was born on the same day as Ginger, September 29, 2011.  She was born 2 hours later than her cousin Ginger, and 1000 miles away in Indiana.  Aubrey (Doodle Bug) is a big, strong, beautiful girl.  Aubrey is dark brindle with a big white chest and two big white socks on her front paws.  She is very sweet, to the point of laying in bed with you when you are ill (or just tired).

Innisfree’s Steel Magnolia

maggle1 maggle2

Maggie, or Maggles, or Schmaggles or even Paggles, was born in our office on November 4, 2012 along with 10 other littermates.  She is big and strong and super sweet.  Maggie doesn’t understand anything mean.  When strange dogs growl at her she tries to kiss them.  Maggie only understands love.



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