About Us

In 1987 a good friend of mine was getting a divorce and was forced to move into an apartment.  He knew I liked dogs, I had 2 Welsh Corgis, and he asked if I would take care of his dog because it needed a fenced yard.  I agreed to take the dog and a few days later Lacey, a 9 year old female Irish Wolfhound came to live with us.  We didn’t know anything about IW’s.  We didn’t know Lacey was old.  We didn’t know how to brush her or care for her.  We didn’t know how much she could eat or how gentle she was.  All we knew was that she was great and that we wanted to have Irish Wolfhounds forever… and we have.

We breed dogs only when we think we have something special.  We are NOT big time breeders.  We are only interested in placing puppies in good homes and we carefully screen all of our potential owners.

We love the big dogs.

We are always looking for owners who will treat our dogs like part of their family.  We use the philosophy of “dog-family”.   We have made many good friends through dogs.  We get photos of dogs almost weekly.  We have pictures of dogs at the Grand Canyon.  We have pictures of dogs on couches, on beds and on Santa’s lap.

As you can see we’ve been loving on puppies for a long time.


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